About ebc

ebc is about providing consistent, reliable and high quality building and maintenance solutions to its customers across a wide range of private and public sectors. Excellence in project delivery and ensuring customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of ebc’s success and the basis upon which it continues to grow and enhance its reputation as a leading South West building and maintenance solution provider.

ebc - A history

ebc’s history has been an evolution from a small local family run firm to a company that promotes a unique and modern approach to building solutions across a wide range or sectors and disciplines, no matter what the project involves and who the customer is. ebc began in 1975 as Norman Lewis and family with just a single employee. From these humble beginnings, the business steadily developed into a respected local building services provider.

In recent years the business has undergone a step change under the leadership of the current business owner who’s determination to employ the best people to deliver a first class service to customers has been successful in placing ebc at the forefront of the building industry in the South West. ebc is now a growing team of highly motivated and skilled people dedicated to offering a wide range of high quality building and maintenance services.

ebc - A future

At ebc we are always looking to the future of our industry. No matter what may come along, we make sure we are prepared and continue to provide an outstanding service to our customers by fully delivering on their needs and expectations. We strive for continuous business improvement. Being dynamic and forward thinking we aim to continue developing our employees and supply chain to enhance our capabilities and the range of services we can offer to our customers.