Fort House

Project Overview

Client: Livewest - Westco Properties Limited
Scheme: Housing Development of 14 Open Market Properties
Value: £3,400,000
Contract: JCT Design and Build Contract 2011
Location: Plymouth, Devon

Project Description

Construction of 14 new build dwellings on former Fort House grounds situated adjacent to Crownhill Fort.

Demolition of existing Fort House including swimming pool and outbuildings. Working closely with ecological consultant and Natural England to ensure protection of habitat for Lesser Horseshoe bats.

Formation of new entrance and infrastructure to serve dwellings including off-site highway works. Developing design for technical approval of section 38 adopted highways and section 104 adopted sewers.

Creation of 14 new luxury dwellings for open market sale working closely with the client to develop the design and provide the optimum scheme in relation to cost and quality to suit the needs of the market.

Houses are constructed in timber frame and traditional masonry to suit client’s requirements for early sales.